Below is a list of places I’ve spoken at, including conferences, events, and podcasts. You might also be interested in watching some videos I’ve made on various topics.

Looking for my slides? I’ve started to make my slides publicly available here.

I’m particularly interested in speaking opportunities in Spanish, Dutch, Tagalog, or Esperanto.


08/09 TestCon Europe 2021: Schrödinger’s Pokémon: Observability for chaotic load testing. (English)


09/06 Women Tech Global: The Convergence of Code and Speech. (English)

31/05 Performance Time Podcast: An Interview with Nicole van der Hoeven (English)

27/05 New Relic FutureStack: Schrödinger’s Pokemon: Observability for Chaotic Load Testing. (English)

23/03 Ministry of Testing Philippines meetup: Performance testing with Cypress, Lighthouse, and k6. (English)

18/03 Cambridge University Press QA Week 2021: Load tests as code: An introduction to k6 (English)

16/03 Test Guild Performance Podcast: Testing our Performance Test Tools (English)


31/10 JMeter Scripting Day: Cuándo JMeter no alcanza: pruebas de carga simulando navegadores (Spanish)

24/09 Testing Talks Online (panel): Lifting the lid on performance testing: Best practices from innovative companies (English)

22/07 Test Guild Performance Podcast: Performance Testing FOMO (English)

19/06 Perf Bytes en Español Podcast: Entrevista (Spanish)

19/06 Tricentis User Conference 2020: How to become a load tester (English)

01/06 PerfGuild 2020: Hybrid load testing: The best of testing using protocols and real browsers (English)


03/04 TestCon Moscow 2019: Dismantling Cognitive Biases in Performance Testing (English)