Me speaking at ExpoQA 2022 in Madrid, Spain

Below is a list of places I’ve spoken at, including conferences, events, and podcasts. You might also be interested in watching some videos I’ve made on various topics.


25-27/10 TestCon Europe 2023: Emergent load testing: Rules for Organized Chaos (English).

13-16/11 Adobo and Avocados: Intersectionality in Tech and DevRel (Potsdam, Germany): (English)


26/03 The Informed Life Podcast: (online) Nicole van der Hoeven on Obsidian (English).

19/04 KubeCon EU 2023: (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) Emergent Load Testing: Rules for Organized Chaos (English).

16/05 ObservabilityCON 2023 Singapore: (Singapore) How to avoid the most common Kubernetes monitoring mistakes (English).

18/05 ObservabilityCON 2023 Australia: (Sydney, Australia) How to prevent issues from hitting customers by using load testing and tracing together (English).

14/06 EuroSTAR 2023: (Antwerp, Belgium) The Lost Art of Taking Good Notes (English).


10/02 Automation Guild 2022: In search of the best Pokémon: Browser automation and load testing in one script with k6. (English).

31/03 Gift Egwuenu (YouTube): Working in Devrel Chat. (English).

07/04 DevOps Toolkit (YouTube): TestOps - Ask Me Anything (English).

19/05 Linking Your Thinking Conference: Use it or lose it: What to do with your notes (English).

02/06 ExpoQA Madrid: (Madrid, Spain) How to be a Gish: API, browser, and chaos in one script (English).

08/06 DevOps Paradox podcast: Performance Testing With k6 (English).

17/06 GrafanaCON 2022: Grafana k6: Testing without Limits (English).


16/03 Test Guild Performance Podcast: Testing our Performance Test Tools. (English)

18/03 Cambridge University Press QA Week 2021: Load tests as code: An introduction to k6. (English)

23/03 Ministry of Testing Philippines meetup: Performance testing with Cypress, Lighthouse, and k6. (English)

27/05 New Relic FutureStack: Schrödinger’s Pokemon: Observability for Chaotic Load Testing. (English)

31/05 Performance Time Podcast: An Interview with Nicole van der Hoeven. (English)

09/06 Women Tech Global: The Convergence of Code and Speech. (English)

07/08 Performance Engineers club on Clubhouse: Realistic load testing. (English)

08/09 TestCon Europe 2021: Schrödinger’s Pokémon: chaotic load testing with k6 and Grafana. (English)

16/09 Grafana Labs webinars: Intro to load testing with Grafana and k6. (English)

05/10 Grafana Virtual Meetup, Testing with k6 + Grafana: Better together. (English)

07/10 Womxn at Grafana (internal talk): Womxn in R&D. (English)

09/10 Obsidian Community Talks: TTRPGs in Obsidian. (English)

14/10 Conf42 podcast: In the universe of k6. (English)

09/11 ObservabilityCON 2021: Intro to using k6 load testing with the Grafana observability stack. (English)

09/11 ObservabilityCON 2021: Keynote: Observability is your journey. (English)

23/11 Everyone Can Contribute Cafe: Load Performance Testing with k6. (English)

23/11 Testowanie wydajności aplikacji - Performance Objective meetup: Intro to load testing with k6 and Grafana. (English)


01/06 PerfGuild 2020: Hybrid load testing: The best of testing using protocols and real browsers. (English)

19/06 Tricentis User Conference 2020: How to become a load tester. (English)

19/06 Perf Bytes en Español Podcast: Entrevista. (Spanish)

22/07 Test Guild Performance Podcast: Performance Testing FOMO. (English)

24/09 Testing Talks Online (panel): Lifting the lid on performance testing: Best practices from innovative companies. (English)

31/10 JMeter Scripting Day: Cuándo JMeter no alcanza: pruebas de carga simulando navegadores. (Spanish)


03/04 TestCon Moscow 2019: Dismantling Cognitive Biases in Performance Testing. (English)