Intro to Load Testing With k6 and Grafana (webinar)

Tonight I did a webinar with Grafana Labs– the first k6-related webinar since the acquisition. I was more than a little nervous to give it, because I knew I was introducing k6 to a lot of new users, but also to Grafana for the first time. I think it went pretty well! I was still quite relieved when it was over, however. :)

In the webinar, I talk about:

  • why it’s still a good idea to do load testing in pre-production
  • what k6 is
  • why k6 and Grafana together make sense
  • and how to integrate k6 and Grafana

There’s quite a bit of demo in it, and I also had the k6 CEO, Robin Gustafsson, join me for Q&A as a nice treat.

Check out the full webinar here– it’s already up on the Grafana site. You can also go through my slides here, if you’d like.

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