My Ethics Statement

This statement governs my principles regarding my activities as a content creator. I’ve made this information public for transparency, consistency, and fairness in my dealings with viewers, readers, employers, and sponsors alike. It is a list of my expectations from others, but it also a list of what others can expect from me.

Promotions and sponsorships

I’ve personally paid for at least 95%, if not more, of the gear and apps I use to create content. The remaining 5% have been purchased for me by previous and current employers in the course of my normal day job. These cases cover things like laptops that I am allowed to use for personal work as well. I never expense items through my employer if their primary use is for my personal projects.

“Promotion” includes me doing one, or a combination, of the following things:

  • Talking positively about a product or service, digital or analog, in any form of media, including social media networks, videos, blog posts, or collaborations.
  • Using a product in a video or photo.
  • Showing a product on video or in a photo, including in the background.
  • Reviewing a product or service.

Promotion includes compensation in the following forms:

  • money (paid promotion or sponsorship)
  • access to a digital app/service
  • “free” products
  • nothing (in cases where I have no relationship at all with a company but still choose to promote their products)

When I promote a product or service:

  • I clearly spell out in the video and/or text the nature of what I received in compensation for the promotion, if any.
  • I tick the “includes paid promotion” on YouTube videos if I have received money. I do not tick it in the case of free products.
  • I state any potential financial stake I have (such as personal investment, employment, or affiliation) with the company.
  • I do it out in the open. I don’t do sneaky product placements.

I only promote a product or service if:

  • It is something I already use regularly or genuinely feel would add value to my life. This also means that apps I promote must be accessible on devices I actually use! For an app: If I don’t use it daily or weekly at the very least, it’s out. If I don’t think I would continue to use it after the promotion for whatever reason, I won’t promote it.
  • I am excited by the prospect of using it– it’s not enough to think it’s serviceable. Lukewarm feelings don’t cut it, either.
  • (In the case of a review) The company does NOT have any input on what I say. They don’t get to see videos for approval or revisions before I publish them.
  • The company that produces it is ethical in its practices. I don’t claim to know everything, but I will never knowingly promote a product from a company with deplorable practices.
  • It is open-source OR has features that make it more compelling than open-source alternatives. I always prioritize open-source tools over commercial offerings.
  • (In the case of paid promotions) It does not directly compete with my permanent employer, Grafana Labs (and k6)– not because I don’t welcome the competition, but because I am under contractual obligations to avoid this conflict of interest.

Unsolicited benefits

Giving me a free product does not mean I am under an obligation to mention it, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee a positive review. Please don’t send me anything with strings I haven’t agreed to.


It’s ok to disagree with me, and I especially welcome constructive feedback. I don’t delete comments that disagree with me, but be nice; I’m a person too. So are other commenters.

I will not hesitate to delete, block, or reject comments if:

  • they are discriminatory in any way (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, anything that involves projecting qualities onto an entire group)
  • they include swear words meant to denigrate others or express frustration. Be civil and rational in your discourse.
  • they are spam.
  • they are obvious attempts to promote your own product, service, or content.
  • they reveal personally identifiable information about anyone.

If you’d still like to support me after reading this statement, check out my Affiliates page.