Affiliate Links

On this page, you’ll find my affiliate links. “Affiliate” means that when you use any of these links, I get something in return. Usually, these also give you some benefit for using them. To see how I decide on affiliate links, check out my Ethics Statement.

Productivity and Personal Knowledge Management

  • Readwise, for collating highlights from content
  • Reclaim, a smart calendar blocking tool
  • Shortform, for thoughtful and researched summaries of nonfiction books

Learning and Professional Development

Other Products and services I use regularly

  • Xolo Leap, for managing the finances of my Estonian company
  • Amazon, for buying gear and books
  • Streamyard, my streaming platform
  • Epidemic Sound, my source of high-quality music
  • TubeBuddy, my YouTube analytics platform
  • Typeshare, for posting atomic essays to Twitter
  • Canva, for creating YouTube thumbnails and graphics in general
  • Rev, for creating captions for YouTube videos
  • Wise, for transferring money and accepting money in different currencies