The 503 Podcast

This must be the month for trying new things, because I jumped into livestreaming with the first ever k6 Office Hours just a week ago, and this week I’m jumping into podcasting with Simme Aronsson, who’s also doing the Office Hours with me. There’s definitely safety (at least psychological safety) in numbers, because doing it with someone else makes me feel a little more brave.

While the podcast is presented by k6, that’s really just a fancy term for saying that we’re both employed by k6 and we’re recording and producing the podcast on company time. Unlike the Office Hours, which is heavily k6-focused, the podcast will be about software performance and reliability in general. Simme and I happen to have different and complementary skillsets (he comes from a developer background, and I come from a testing background, and I think that makes for an interesting combination of perspectives.

Here’s the first episode! It should also be available on your audio podcasting tool of choice.

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