K-SIX News v0.47

In this video, my colleagues (Leandro Melendez, Marie Cruz, and Paul Balogh) and I discuss the latest updates in k6 v0.47.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We’ve created an official k6 Prometheus Grafana dashboard and another dashboard for Prometheus with native histograms.
  • New APIs have been added for Prometheus Remote Write output for k6 (authentication and HTTP headers).
  • We’ve increased the character limit for metric names from 63 to 128, aligned with the OpenTelemetry specification update.
  • k6 browser tests can be executed in Grafana Cloud by everyone.
  • We’ve improved the cookie API for k6 browser.
  • We’ve added support for page.on('console') for k6 browser.
  • There are now official Docker images that include a Chromium-based browser for running k6 browser tests within CI/CD pipelines.
  • Distributed tracing is in public preview for Grafana Cloud.
  • xk6-file is a new extension that lets you rename files within your k6 script.
  • xk6-gcp is a new extension that adds k6 support for messaging using Google PubSub.
  • xk6-dashboard is now an official Grafana extension that lets you generate HTML dashboards from k6 test results.
  • k6x is a new utility that automatically detects when you import k6 extensions and builds the custom k6 binary for you so that you don’t have to.
  • k6-operator now has a Helmchart deployment option.

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