Load testing with k6 for beginners, with İnanç Gümüş and Viktor Mihajlović (k6 Office Hours #31)

Did you know that every new person to k6 does a Week of Testing? It’s a k6 tradition for new hires to spend their first week seeing firsthand what the experience of a new user of k6 is like. How quickly do they find the documentation? What issues do they get stuck on? Then, at the end of the week, the new employees do a presentation for the rest of the team to show their first impressions and findings.

In today’s Office Hours, İnanç Gümüş, one of the newest k6 team members, shares his presentation and his experience as a k6 beginner. Another colleague, Viktor Mihajlović, a Technical Customer Success Engineer, also shares some of the most commonly asked questions he’s heard on the job.

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