How to debug k6 load testing scripts with Tom Miseur (k6 Office Hours #25)

Tom Miseur joined k6 at about the same time I did late last year, and we immediately hit it off because we both come from a performance testing consulting background AND we both had worked for different competing testing tool vendors before moving to k6. I was excited to have him on k6 Office Hours to talk about a topic we both had a lot to say about: how to debug load testing scripts, and specifically k6 scripts. We got a chance to do a bit of a show-and-tell of tools that we use that we use, and they are all independent of k6.

I also got to demo a cool HTML reporting dashboard that Ben Coleman, a k6 user, created. While it’s not baked into the tool itself, it’s fairly straightforward to add it, requiring only two snippets of code that can be pasted onto any script.

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