Balkan Bites free food tour with Bulgarian food | Sofia, Bulgaria (Lucky Dippers)

In September 2018, while my husband and I were in Sofia, Bulgaria, we decided to try some delicious Bulgarian cuisine by going on the Balkan Bites free food tour, which let us try Bulgarian relish, yoghurt, doughnuts, cheese, and desserts. Afterwards we went back to one of the restaurants we had gone to on the food tour to have a full meal, which ended up being very delicious. Along the way, I talked about how ilearned the Cyrillic alphabet, and why I thinks it’s worth learning even for a short trip like this one.

We really enjoyed the Balkan Bites food tour, so if you want to join as well, check them out.

And here’s the website for the restaurant we ate at, “Hadjidraganov’s House”.

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