Accessibility and open source support program with Floor Drees (k6 Office Hours #16)

On this week’s Office Hours, Simme and I were joined by Floor Drees, the newest member to join the k6 team. Every new person at k6 goes through a week of testing, and Floor decided to spend her week of testing doing an accessibility review on the k6 Cloud web app and documentation. We talk about how accessibiltiy is an often-overlooked form of operational testing, and Floor shares specific tools that testers can use to make applications more accessible.

We also discuss the k6 open source support program, which makes k6 free for open-source maintainers and regular contributors.

Resources mentioned

k6 Open Source Support Program, a good tool for accessibility reviews AlexJS, for identifying inconsiderate language Paul Bruce’s rant on operational requirements instead of “non-functional” requirements Marie Drake on accessibility using Cypress Chrome extension to get dark mode everywhere Contributing Today - open source funding and sponsorship Contributing Today - on open source licensing

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